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Epiphany Development Mission Statement:

1. We believe in providing you with the proper tools to overcome the complexities of implementing business technologies. We achieve this by providing solutions which promote flexibility and compatibility with 100% of your potential customers.

2. We believe that business technologies should not force your company to practice unprofitable business procedures. There must be a symbiotic (mutually beneficial) relationship between your technological infrastructure and your daily business procedures.

3. We believe that you and your customers should experience a "user friendly" environment that promotes simplicity and integrity.

We offer decades of experience in business management as well as the computer sciences. We understand ROI (return on investment,) as well as the best Internet technologies today - Linux, apache, ORDBMS, PHP, Java, javascript, HTML, SQL, and XML.

We vigorously embrace the philosophy that leveraging the latest business technologies requires more than buying a computer or developing a web site; it involves finding, developing, and implementing a system that improves the business process you currently have. We have completed our mission when you have more time focused on what you do best.
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